Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis

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Report on Value Agents in Immigrant Integration, 27 November 2019

Time: 15.15-17.00
Seminar room, 9th floor, Niagara building
Malmö University, Sweden


Marie Göbel, Utrecht University
Therese Herrmann, University Duisburg-Essen
François Boucher, University Paris 1/University Leuven
Brigitte Suter, Malmö University

Four researchers from the NoVaMigra project will present country reports on value agents in immigrant integration in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Sweden. The reports are based on a task to map central value agents in public and civil society organizations that facilitate refugee and immigrant integration. In the reports the various agents’ values are explored, including their value basis, their transmission practices and their value framing. The presentations invite for comments and reflections on comparative insights and potential contributions to the field of migration and integration studies.

For more information, contact Brigitte Suter at

What Does Liberal Migration Ethics Mean?, 23 October 2019

On 23 October, the Group Leader of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research and NoVaMigra fellow Volker Heins and Reinhard Merkel (German Ethics Council) got together at the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut (KWI) in Essen. They discussed whether or not there is a right to global freedom of movement or if it’s necessary that this right gives way to the sovereignity of liberal nation states that claim a right to close their borders in the interest of the common good.

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European Values in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Workshop on Gender Equality, 9 – 11 September 2019

The Conference “European Values in the Charter of Fundamental Rights” was organized as part of the European research project NoVaMigra – Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis.

The Conference took place at the Faculty of Political Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Milan (7, via Conservatorio) from the morning of September 9th to the afternoon of September 10th and was articulated in six panels, which corresponded to the main Titles of the Charter: dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens’ rights and justice. For each panel there was a keynote speaker, who presented her/his own perspective on how the values of the Charter should be understood in the framework of the European project, and a dicussant.

The keynote speaker was: Dignity: Roger Brownsword (King’s College London); Freedoms: Catherine Audard (London School of Economics); Equality: Gianfrancesco Zanetti (CRID, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia); Solidarity: Philippe Van Parijs (Université Catholique de Louvain); Citizen’s Rights: Justine Lacroix (Université libre de Bruxelles); Justice: Gianluigi Palombella (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Pisa).

Following the Conference, in the morning of September 11th, a Workshop which discussed the forms that a gender perspective could take in a multidisciplinary research such as NoVaMigra was organized. It was opened by a lecture of Mieke Verloo (Radboud University).

Conference Program

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Migration and European Cosmopolitanism: A Critical Assessment, 27 – 28 May 2019

The NoVaMigra Team got together at University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne (ISJPS) in Paris on 27 -28 May 2019 to examine the topic of migration in relation to European cosmopolitanism from various philosophical as well as anthropologist perspectives. Central points of discussion were whether or not the discussion about “values” is useful or not, and what kind of role solidarity plays within migration contexts.

Migration and european cosmopolitanism – program – En 0504 (1).pdf


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Come Il Rifugiato È Diventato Un Migrante Economico Irregolare, 12 June 2019

In a public lecture entitled “How the refugee has become an economic migrant”, Chiara Marchetti, part of the University of Milan’s NoVaMigra Team, presented the results of her research on recent shifts in Italy’s changing values vis-à-vis refugees and migrants.

<span class="caps">SPS</span> e Novamigra seminar_Marchetti_12 giugno 2019.pdf


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Poznań Workshop Value Agents and Their Practices in Civil Society, 6 – 8 March 2019

The NoVaMigra team got together at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań on 6 – 8 March 2019 to discuss and compare findings on value practices in eight European countries: France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, and Germany. The country studies identified how both public institutions and civil society actors framed, enacted and drew on values in the context of immigrant admission and integration. Download the file to read the whole Summary.

Workshop Summary

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International Student Workshop: Migration and Populism, 23 January 2019

On 23 January 2019, Prof. Marcus Düwell and Johanna Gördemann co-hosted an international student workshop on migration and populism at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Students from Utrecht University and the University of Duisburg-Essen debated recent theories of populism and presented country analyses on how populists framed the debate on the Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Germany.



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International Academic Conference: Refugees, Borders and Membership, 24 – 26 October 2018

The NoVaMigra Team convened a panel on “Researching norms and values in the field of migration and refugee studies” at the international academic conference „Refugees, Borders and Membership“ at Malmö University. For more information, click the link below.

Call for Ppaers + Programm Malmö.pdf

Call for Papers

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NoVaMigra Lecture: Matthias Lutz-Bachmann, Europe after the migration crisis?, 20 June 2018

Europa nach der MIgrationskriese.pdf

On 20 June the NoVaMigra Event-Series “European Lab” held place at the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut (KWI) in Essen. In his lecture “New Perspectives for Europe” guest speaker Matthias Lutz-Bachmann especially referred the end of the transatlantic relationship between the European Union and the USA.

Press Release (in German)

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Reminder: Applications for our Summer School “Responses to Migration: Europe & the Global South” are open until 1 March! You can register here.

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