Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis

New Blog Post by Angeliki Dimitriadi: “The View from Greece: At Europe’s External Borders, Deterrence is the Norm Once Again” – read it here.

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CONFERENCE: Europe and its Values at the Heart of Contradictory Emotions (in French), 5 March 2020

NoVaMigra team member Martin Deleixhe presented on "Emotions and values about the European migration crisis" at the confernce "Europe and its Values at the Heart of Contradictory Emotions" at the Université Saint-Louis in Brussels, Belgium. For more information, please download the PDF below (in French).

Download file (488.21 kB)


CONFERENCE: The Political Phenomenon in Transition, 14 – 15 December 2019

The political phenomenom in transition.JPG NoVaMigra team member Dr. Haris Malamidis will present research findings from his research on hospitality and humanitarianism in his lecture "The Role of Values in the Refugee Crisis through the Lens of Hospitality" at the Conference 'The political phenomenon in transition: Challenges for Democracy, the State and the Society' at University of the Peloponnese in Conrith, Greece.

Download file (188.82 kB)


CONFERENCE: Organizing Migration and Integration in Contemporary Societies, 6 – 8 November 2019

Conference Timetable.JPG On 6 November 2019, our NoVaMigra fellows Franziska Böhm and Brigitte Suter will present their ongoing fieldwork on "Norms and Values Mediated in Education" at the conference "Organizing Migration and Integration in Contemporary Societies" taking place at the University of Gothenburg in Ghotenburg, Sweden.

Download file (56.25 kB)


KEYNOTE LECTURE: Is Migration a Challenge for Cosmopolitan Political Philosophy?, 26 October 2019

InterCap_Conference_final_programme.pdf On 26 October 2019, NoVaMigra Coordinator Andreas Niederberger will hold a keynote lecture on "Is Migration a Challenge for Cosmopolitan Political Philosophy?" at the Conference "Globalization of Migration, Anti-Immigrant Parties and Xenophobia in the European Union: Reflection on European Societies and States in the 21st Century" in Split, Croatia.

Download file (357.84 kB)


PUBLIC LECTURE: What are the Lessons for ASEAN?, 15 October 2019

elzbieta in thailand.JPG On 15 October 2019, NoVaMigra fellow Elzbieta Gozdziak will be speaking at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok,Thailand, on the EU response to the "refugee crisis" and possible lessons for ASEAN.

Download file (112.98 kB)


CONFERENCE: A Cultural and Identity-Related Shift in European Union Law?, 11 October 2019

sophie bild.JPG On 11 October 2019, NovaMigra's Sophie Guérard de Latour will hold a speech at the international conference "A Cultural and Identity-Related Shift in European Union Law?" in Paris, France, in which she will examine recent shifts in European migration laws and critically discuss identity-related issues as probable causes.

Download file (64.69 kB)


PUBLIC LECTURE: Toleration and Sympathy in Immigration Societies, 30 September 2019

große und kleine grenzen.JPG Volker Heins, a NoVaMigra team member, will deliver a lecture on "Toleration and sympathy in immigration societies" at the Ghoethe Institut Stockholm. In his lecture he will question whether or not the European Union still has an united agenda and whether or not a transnational democracy is still a possibility for the EU.

Download file (167.97 kB)


CONFERENCE: Refugee Europe A Question of Solidarity?, 1 – 2 October 2019

CEASEVAL 2019 Conference Programme.pdf The NoVaMigra Team from Sweden (Brigitte Suter, Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy, Annika Otto & Franziska Böhm) will hold a lecture on "Conveying norms and values as integration work in Sweden and Germany" at the CEASEVAL-Conference "Refuge Europe - A Question of Solidarity?" in Chemnitz.

Download file (66.10 kB)


CONGRESS: World Solidarities, 27 – 31 August 2019

timetable.pdf The NoVaMigra Team organized a panel on "Morality, research and the refugee crisis" at the IUAES-Congress "World Solidarities" in Poznań, Poland. For more information, click the link below.

Download file (134.54 kB)


PUBLIC LECTURE: "Große und Kleine Grenzen", 28 May 2019 (in German)

Plakat_Heins.pdf Volker Heins, ein Mitglied des NoVaMigra Teams, hat am 28.05.2019 (von 18:45 - 19:30 Uhr) einen Vortrag zu „Große und kleine Grenzen: Der Streit um die Einwanderungsgesellschaft“ im Plenarsaal des Landeshauses in Kiel gehalten.

Download file (181.07 kB)



New Blog Post by Angeliki Dimitriadi: “The View from Greece: At Europe’s External Borders, Deterrence is the Norm Once Again” – read it here.

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