Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis

NoVaMigra has just released its final report Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis. See here for the full report.

Policy Papers

Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis: Final Report

The Final Report synthesizes NoVaMigra's research results and presents core conclusions and policy recommendations. After reconstructing what Europe's core values are and how they relate to migration, we analyse if and how these values have changed in the wake of the 2015 “refugee crisis”. From there, we go on to construct core normative principles for the future of EU migration policy.

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A New Idea(l) for Europe - Report on the Future of Cosmopolitanism in Europe

While designing its migration policies, the European Union must weigh two conflicting considerations. On the one hand, the Union has set some normative standards for itself in its Charter of Fundamental Rights. On the other hand, after 2015, several member states signalled their unwillingness or inability to host new migrants and refugees. This report discusses various solutions to reconcile the Union’s normative commitments with its migration practices, presenting three possible scenarios for the future of EU’s migration policies.

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Attaining Durability in the European Resettlement Regime: The Role of Norms and Values

Resettlement as a 'durable solution' for the international protection of refugees has received increased attention by the EU and member states in recent years. In this report we analyse ideas and practices of the resettlement system to Europe, asking how to best ensure resettlement durability. Providing recommendations based on the best practices observed, we show that this depends on making the resettlement process conducive to refugees' ability to and opportunities for engaging actively and long-term in the receiving society, which entails a holistically designed resettlement system based on humanitarian values.

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Issue of Ratio Juris dedicated to European Values in the Charter of Fundamental Rights - Edited by Alessandra Facchi & Nicola Riva

This issue of the ‘Ratio Juris: An International Journal of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law’ (vol. 34 no. 1), collects three out of six papers that were first presented by keynotes speakers at NOVAMIGRA's International Conference on ‘European Values in the Charter of Fundamental Rights’, held in Milan in September 2019. After a short introduction by the editors, Alessandra Facchi and Nicola Riva, the three articles by Roger Brownsword, Catherine Audard and Gianfrancesco Zanetti deal with the values of dignity, freedoms and equality corresponding to the first three titles of the Charter. The remaining papers on the values of solidarity, citizen’s rights and justice will be published in the forthcoming issue of the journal. The issue is available for Open Access Download in Ratio Juris

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Norms and Values in Refugee Resettlement: A Literature Review of Resettlement to the EU - By Franziska Böhm, Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy, Brigitte Suter

This paper presents and discusses the literature regarding the value transmissions taking place within resettlement programmes of the UNHCR and EU. The literature review and our discussion serve as a point of departure for developing further investigations into the external dimension of value transmission, which in turn can add insights into the role of norms and values in the making and un-making of (external) boundaries/borders. The paper is available for Open Access Download in the Current Themes in International Migration and Ethnic Relations Series at the Department of Global Politics at Malmö University:

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Valuing Gender Equality: Ideas, Practices and Actors in Everyday Integration Work

NoVaMigra_D3.3c_BP_Valuing Gender Equality_v1.0.pdf This report investigates how the value of gender equality is understood and conveyed in integration work in Europe, especially after the increase in state and non‐state initiatives to integrate newcomers. We discuss fieldwork from four European countries - Germany, Hungary, Poland and Sweden.

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Hospitality in Civil Society: Practices during the European ‘Refugee Crisis’

NoVaMigra_D3.3a_BP_Hospitality_v1.0.pdf This report examines the concept of hospitality, a critical value in the EU in the period 2015‐2018 during the European ‘refugee crisis’. It draws on fieldwork in Greece, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Sweden and analyses how hospitality manifested through the process of reception and, particularly, accommodation.

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The ‘Refugee Crisis’ and Religious Tolerance in Europe: Plurality of Perspectives

NoVaMigra_D3.3b_BP_Religion_v1.0.pdf This briefing paper examines practices of and debates on religious tolerance in immigration contexts in five European countries—Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, and Sweden. On the one hand, politicians, religious leaders, and other public figures openly expressed their opposition to refugee reception by framing Islam as a threat to the identity of the European continent, reducing refugees’ complex identities to their religious affiliation. On the other hand, our research has identified a plethora of voices and activities undertaken to ‘welcome the stranger.’ Many civil society representatives interviewed explained their motivation to assist and solidarize with asylum seekers by referring to religious values.

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The ‘Refugee Crisis’ and Religious Tolerance in Europe: Plurality of Perspectives (Polish Version)

Niniejszy dokument jest rezultatem badań praktyk i debat dotyczących tolerancji religijnej w kontekście imigracji w pięciu krajach europejskich: Grecji, Niemczech, Polsce, Szwecji oraz na Węgrzech. Pokazuje on, że z jednej strony, politycy, przywódcy religijni i inne osoby publiczne otwarcie wyrażały sprzeciw wobec przyjmowania uchodźców. Przedstawiając islam jako zagrożenie dla tożsamości kontynentu europejskiego, sprowadzali oni złożoną tożsamość uchodźców do kwestii ich przynależności religijnej. Z drugiej strony, nasze badania pozwoliły dostrzec wiele głosów i działań podejmowanych w celu "przyjęcia Nieznajomego". Przedstawiciele społeczeństwa obywatelskiego, z którymi przeprowadzono wywiady w krajach objętych badaniami, niejednokrotnie wyjaśniali swoją motywację do udzielania pomocy osobom ubiegającym się o azyl i solidaryzowanie się z nimi odwołując się do wartości religijnych.

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Europe and The Refugee Response - A Crisis of Values?

Edited Volume Preview (1).pdf This book explores how the rising numbers of refugees entering Europe from 2015 onwards played into fears of cultural, religious, and ethnic differences across the continent. The migrant, or refugee crisis, prompted fierce debate about European norms and values, with some commentators questioning whether mostly Muslim refugees would be able to adhere to these values, and be able to integrate into a predominantly Christian European society. In this volume, philosophers, legal scholars, anthropologists, and sociologists analyze some of these debates and discuss practical strategies to reconcile the values that underpin the European project with multiculturalism and religious pluralism, whilst at the same time safeguarding the rights of refugees to seek asylum. A short movie featuring the book can be watched in our media library. The book is available for Open Access Download on Routledge:

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Quality Newspapers vs. Populism: Shaping pro‐immigration attitudes in five EU Member States

What’s the role of the media in shaping attitudes towards Europe as a “continent of immigration”? This policy paper focuses on widely read quality newspapers in France, Germany, Poland and Sweden as well as on the special case of Hungary where press freedom has been largely dismantled. We show that quality newspapers are a bulwark against far‐right populism and crucial contributors to the strengthening of pro‐immigration attitudes in accordance with the core values of the EU.

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Report on the EU Charter: Full Text

FACCHI A. PAROLARI P. RIVA N. Values in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (1)-komprimiert.pdf Dignity, Freedoms, Equality, Solidarity, Citizens' Rights, Justice - How are the European Charter of Fundamental Rights's main values understood and interpreted in case law, and what do they mean for migrants' rights? NoVaMigra's Alessandra Facchi, Paola Parolari and Nicola Riva explore the Charter's scope, genesis, and philosophical background.

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Report on the EU Charter: Executive Summary

Report on the EU Charter This is a one-page summary of our report focusing on the normative content, genesis, historical background and implementation of the EU Charter.

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NoVaMigra Value Landscape: Methodology and Key Findings

D1.4 General Value Landscape Matrix_v3.0_incl. DOI.pdf This is a user's guide for NoVaMigra's Value Landscape.The Value Landscape is a tool to visualize aspects of NoVaMigra’s research on value discourses in the context of migration and integration policies in Europe, both at EU and at member state level. Starting in September 2019, it will continuously evolve throughout the project, incorporating new research findings and enabling their comparison and contrast. [....]

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Summary Report: Value Agents in Public and Civil Society Institutions

NoVaMigra D3.1 Summary Report on Value Agents in Public and Civil  Society Institutions_v1.0_DOI.pdf In this report, we map central ‘value agents’ in public and civil society organizations that facilitate refugee and immigrant integration and examine the values that motivate and guide programs and staff assisting refugees in their integration processes. [...]

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Approaches to Cosmopolitanism: Review Essay

D4.1 Review Essay of Approaches to Cosmopolitan Democracy_v1.0.pdf This  report  proposes  an  analytical  framework  to  approach  various  normative  models  of  cosmopolitanism  and  European  cosmopolitanism.

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Talking of Values: Understanding the Normative Discourse of EU Migration Policy

D2.1 Paper on the (value-based) EU policies on migration_v1.0.pdf With respect to migration, the period 2014-2017 was characterised by reactionary policies and the outburst of populist discourses, the rise and fall of the ‘Welcome’ culture, a growing debate on sharing responsibility, the raising of fences and border closures and political divisions within the Union. Since values lie at the core of the European project, the question of whether those values are indeed common, has also risen to the forefront. [...]

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NoVaMigra Bibliography

This bibliography, which is intended as a resource for public action as well as for further work in the NoVaMigra project, collects important references from philosophy as well as, to an extent, from other disciplines such as anthropology and law.

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NoVaMigra has just released its final report Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis. See here for the full report.

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