Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis

Our Review Essay on “Approaches to Cosmopolitan Democracy” is now published online – see here.

Policy Papers

Summary Report: Value Agents in Public and Civil Society Institutions

In this report, we map central ‘value agents’ in public and civil society organizations that facilitate refugee and immigrant integration and exaime the values that motivate and guide programs and staff assisting refugees in their integration processes. [...]

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Approaches to Cosmopolitanism: Review Essay

D4.1 Review Essay of Approaches to Cosmopolitan Democracy_v1.0.pdf This  report  proposes  an  analytical  framework  to  approach  various  normative  models  of  cosmopolitanism  and  European  cosmopolitanism.

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Talking of Values: Understanding the Normative Discourse of EU Migration Policy

D2.1 Paper on the (value-based) EU policies on migration_v1.0.pdf With respect to migration, the period 2014-2017 was characterised by reactionary policies and the outburst of populist discourses, the rise and fall of the ‘Welcome’ culture, a growing debate on sharing responsibility, the raising of fences and border closures and political divisions within the Union. Since values lie at the core of the European project, the question of whether those values are indeed common, has also risen to the forefront. [...]

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Report on the EU Charter - Executive Summary

Report on the EU Charter This is a one-page summary of our report focusing on the normative content, genesis, historical background and implementation of the EU Charter.

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NoVaMigra Bibliography

This bibliography, which is intended as a resource for public action as well as for further work in the NoVaMigra project, collects important references from philosophy as well as, to an extent, from other disciplines such as anthropology and law.

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Our Review Essay on “Approaches to Cosmopolitan Democracy” is now published online – see here.

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